Lost mind

"I'm treading water in the deep end
I'm tryin' to kill off all my demons
Embrace my flaws and all my defects
And my shortcuts and dead ends"

  • Me on my wedding day: you still like me right
Tell me.
Someone tell me how I am to go from putting all my energy and thoughts into one single human,
And then suddenly stop caring?
How are his eyes and freckles and lips not going to be running through my head every single goddamn second of the day?
Someone tell me why, why god why is it the people whom you love most always get taken away from you?
Tell me please how I am supposed to go one more fucking day without hearing his voice sing in my ears.
How the hell am I supposed to continue on life when I just want to curl up and die?
What do you do when you’re best friend is so far from being your best friend?

— him/her, it’s still the same (via tummmmmmy)

(via princessbekahkw)

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